6 Steps To Successful Cold Calling For Commercial Real Estate Agents

A Cold Calling Crash Course (without the crash!). Follow this simple step by step system for making effective cold calls that win meetings and build client relationships. Take the pain and dread out of your cold calling activities and gain the confidence to make cold calling the center piece of your business development efforts.

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  • Changing your mindset about cold calling
  • The importance of following a step by step framework
  • Gathering the information, you will need to turn a cold call into a warm call
  • Quality vs. Quantity
  • How to properly and professionally introduce yourself to a new prospect
  • Crafting your Attention Getting Statement that will compel the prospect to listen
  • How to use the Attention Getting Statement to establish yourself as an expert
  • The art of using Open Ended Questions
  • Engaging the prospect in relevant dialogue
  • Controlling the conversation so that the prospect has to think
  • Your role in the dialogue
  • The Value Proposition and how to use it
  • Compelling the prospect to WANT to meet with you
  • Professionally asking for and winning a face to face meeting
  • BONUS SEGMENT: When They Call Back


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