A Little About Me…

  • Obsessed with Italy
  • Sucks at golf but still plays
  • Cancer survivor
  • Watches Wheel of Fortune every night with the Mrs.
  • Has attended 96 Jimmy Buffett Concerts
  • Believes that Bald is Beautiful

The Serious Stuff About Dan

Dan Colachicco has been involved in the commercial real estate industry since 1979. He is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida and North Carolina and has been involved in more than half a billion dollars worth of commercial real estate transactions.

As a broker, Dan has helped both private and institutional clients in the acquisition, disposition, lease-up, development, management and financing of their commercial real estate assets.

Dan is passionate about the industry and helping commercial real estate agents maximize their professional potential. He has coached, mentored and trained hundreds of agent’s at all different levels of their careers, from rookies to super stars.

With nearly 4 decades of experience, Dan is committed to helping commercial real estate agents to expand their skills sets, overcome day to challenges, extinguish their limiting beliefs and exceed their goals and expectations.

Grab a cup of Joe and let Dan tell you a little bit about how the information you find here can help you catapult your career to Top Producer status. No fluff here. If that’s what you’re looking for, go buy a nice pillow


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