A Residential Agent’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate

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A Residential Agent’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate

What You’ll Learn…..

  • Key Differences Between Residential & Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. Understanding what you need to know to apply your current skill set to Commercial Real Estate along with the new skills you’ll learn in this course.
  • What a Career in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Looks Like. I’ll walk you step by step through where to begin and what to focus on. You’ll learn how to structure your activities for maximum efficiency and what you can expect as you grow and expand your commercial real estate career.
  • The Language of Commercial Real Estate (It’s Easier Than You Think). Here we will eliminate all of the mystery around typical commercial real estate terms and simplify key concepts.
  • Specialization vs. Generalization – How to Streamline Your Career. So many new agents waste their time, energy and resources on spreading themselves too thin in their brokerage activities. Here you’ll learn to take the shortest path to consistently earning commissions and branding yourself as an expert at the same time.
  • How to Take Ownership of Your Market. Just like in Residential brokerage, market knowledge is a key to winning listings and making money. Here you will learn an effective system for not only learning your market area, but owning it so that you can deliver the most effective value to your clients.
  • How to Win New Business in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. Whether you call it prospecting or business development, winning listings and taking on new clients is the lifeblood of the brokerage business. You will learn a simple, step by step system for winning new business consistently and how client relationships can continue to generate commission income for years.
  • Tools of the Trade – The Technology and Resources You’ll Need to Succeed. A comprehensive list of what you’ll need and how to use it in your day to day commercial real estate business.
  • How to Choose The Right Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm. Associating with a well branded and supportive brokerage is an often overlooked key to a new agent’s ability to succeed. Here we show you what to look for and what to avoid when choosing where to grow your commercial real estate career.
  • Commercial Real Estate Trade Organizations. Connecting with the right trade organizations in commercial real estate can prove to be an excellent source of referrals, branding and continuing education. We discuss who these organizations are and what features and benefits each offers
  • What to Do Next! The most common questions agents have when at the beginning of their career is “Where do I start?”. We will go through a detailed roadmap of not only how to get started but each step that follows as you grow your career.


  • BONUS #1. Knowing The Numbers. In this bonus workshop, we will go through all of the basic methods for valuing and underwriting commercial real estate transactions. This includes proven methods for utilizing market comps. A $99 value.
  • BONUS #2. How to Choose A Mentor. Many new agents benefit from working with a Mentor to gain hands on experience more quickly. In this workshop we will discuss what to look for should you choose to work with a Mentor or Coach. A $99 value.
  • BONUS #3 Six Steps To Successful Cold Calling For Commercial Real Estate Agents. A complete training course delivered in 4 distinct modules. Learn the step by step system to make your cold call prospecting more fun and much more effective. A $297 value.

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