Welcome to the Smart CRE Broker Resources Page, a place that you can always come to when you want to discover tools and products that will help you be more efficient, productive and creative in your commercial real estate brokerage activities. The links shown on this page will grow as I learn more, and you will see that throughout our content we will refer you to this page quite often. If you come across a tool that you find useful in your business please send me an email so that I can check it out and possibly add it to this page. I recommend bookmarking this page so that you can check back often and see what’s new. Enjoy


Please note that some (but certainly not all) of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a commission should you decide to make a purchase. There is no additional cost to you, It is important that you understand that I only list links to products, services and companies here that I have had some experience with, and I recommend them because I have found them to be helpful and useful. I do not and will not list a link here because of any commissions I may make if you decide to purchase something. Please do your own research on these products and services to make sure that they are something you want and/or need before making any kind of purchase. Do not spend your money on anything you see on this page unless you feel they will help you be a better commercial real estate professional.

Dan’s eBook, Fearless Cold Calling for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Learn to make confident and effective prospecting calls that win more assignments and build long lasting business relationships!

Easy Webpage Design/Internet Marketing Tool

This is a little known gem of technology I discovered that can be really useful in your commercial real estate business. LeadPages lets you easily create a page that you can use to gather and database prospect names and email addresses, announce new listings, do a “count down” for a call for offers and many other things.

Virtual Assistant / Outsource Work

Fiverr.com may be one of the coolest sites ever. If you are like me, you'll be amazed at what you can get done for 5 bucks! I've used Fiverr.com to get marketing pieces done, research, voiceover for my podcasts, boosting your social media activity, organizing data and much more.

WARNING: If you visit Fiverr.com, you may become addicted!

Database Source

I've used CRE Firms to build and enhance my database of properties and contacts. These guys do a great job and for the money, it's a huge time saver and a great resource. Free trial so check it out.

Affordable Web Hosting

Bluehost is a great hosting service that is affordable and easy to use. I use Bluehost for this website and I’ve found them to have excellent